What we offer

Birth Preparation

Live courses with practical information and birth preparation. During this courses you will have access to different professionals who will give you information and exercises. The sessions will be led by experienced professionals.

Chyldbirth community

As soon as you join Chyldbirth you will be added to a Facebook group and a whatsApp group. Both these groups will have women who are going through or have already been through the same journey, where you can share your thoughts, feelings and doubts. Both these groups will have a professional team as a support to the more tehcnical questions. 

Birth Plan

Your birth plan is an important document, it should communicate to the team supporting your birth about your wishes and desires for the birth. You will have a dedicated session with a Doula to support you on your decisions or provide missing information.

On call support

Have any question, any fear, any doubt? Or are you just feeling down? We are here for you with On call support.

Birth Doula

A birth as post birth doula will be available to provide the pregnancy coaching and emotional support you need. Depending on your plan some sessions might be included. You can always book a session after joining in the community and upgrade your plan then.

Image by Ömürden Cengiz