Here we go!

After some intense months carrying this baby (project), it is finally time to bring it to life!

It has been a super interesting journey so far, meeting amazing people, connecting and finding the right partners to make the journey to motherhood a bit smoother in the country of cheese, chocolate and health insurances (yes! we'll have a go on trying to understand how those apply when you are carrying a child, don't worry).

When a project you have been working on becomes public, it comes out of your full control.

People will have opinions, fears, hopes and expectations they place on the project, so it can become theirs as well and it can support them as they need.

So this is how the first step of our newly created baby will go: we want to hear you, we want to meet you, we want to know what you expect and what you would like to have to make your journey better.

On our side, we promise to hear you and to make our best to put together the right team, that cares about and supports your journey to motherhood.

So without further-a-do, we would like to invite you to meet us and to help us to support you.

We will have a Journey to Motherhood circle and we are looking forward to meeting you there.

This circle will be shared with Susann, who has been supporting women in transition through mindful Yoga and Coaching (

The details of the event can be found in the image and you can sign up through the link below.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, follow us on facebook and instagram or sign up for the community if you want to receive our updates.

With love,

Your Project Chyldbirth

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