Meet Chyldbirth

Chyldbirth was an adventure that started in a quest for purpose.  It grew out of the understanding that a lot of women had questions, doubts and a need for a type of support they couldn't seem to find. And finally it came together when we were able to join all these needs with the right people to support this journey.

We believe the impact we want to make should start locally (Central Switzerland), and evolve to support as many people we can.

At chyldbirth we have a social conscious culture, our goal is to support women of all backgrounds to have an informed and supported pregnancy. We are based in Switzerland, a country in which 25% of the population is foreign, and in which the fact that there are 4 official national languages, can make the integration process harder.

Our mission is to support women before, during and after pregnancy with information, exercise classes, courses and a community that will share the journey.

Image by Ömürden Cengiz