Supporting your journey together even before birth!

What we do

At Chyldbirth our mission is to support women and to be parents before, during and after pregnancy. This support will be provided through information, exercise classes, courses and an emotional support both through a community to share the journey and partnerships with a team of experienced professionals.

We are based in Switzerland, a country in which 25% of the population is foreign, and in which the fact that there are 4 official national languages, can make the integration process harder.

Our mission aims at helping families to have an informed and supported pregnancy and humanized birth.

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What we offer

Support Network

We are stronger together, that's why you will have a peer partner who has already gone through pregnancy and a whole community always there for you.

Courses and exercises

Project Chyldbirth organizes and promotes events, courses and workshops to support your journey to motherhood.

Birth Plan

You will have a dedicated session to build your birth plan. Your birth plan is based on your decisions, but we'll make sure you are supported, organized and confident that you have all the tools and information to decide on your wishes.

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What people say

“Lack of a support group of pregnant or postpartum women in a language that I am fluent on. I only found Swiss groups.“

Mom of a boy and a girl (Switzerland)

Meet theTeam

Alexandra Dias

"After living in Switzerland for 3 years and starting to questioning myself about motherhood, I ended up talking with a lot of women who shared with me the challenges of being pregnant as an expat in Switzerland. This project is to provide a support group to all the ladies out there who are sharing a journey, independently of their language, culture or background.

Project Chyldbirth gathers a  multi-disciplinary team to support your pregnancy, and create a smooth journey."

The Founder

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Would you like to join the free community?

There will always be questions coming up we can all support each other with these questions. By joining the community you can always have other people's experience and advice. Leave your email and name below for an invitation.

Thank you for joining us!

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